【Aoyama Shokudo】 Kuroge Wagyu beef rib roast steak with a Japanese-like atmosphere

I love meat! Tokyo walk is (^ ^)

This time, the name in Aoyama has been enjoying Japanese beef rib rib steak at "Aoyama Shokudo"!

Aoyama Shokudo

Aoyama Shokudo

Mr. Aoyama Shokudo is a walk from Tokyo Metro Omotesando Station for XNUM minutes, and from Shibuya for a walk XNUM minutes.

It is located on the underground 1 floor of the building "Laporto Aoyama" right next to UNU, opposite Aoyama Gakuin University.

It is a building with "Pierre Erme" who is famous for macarons on the 1 floor.

IMG_8849 aoyamashokudo

This is a concept store of the company that deals with the restaurant "Casita" on the XNUM floor of the same building, and it is a shop that collects ingredients that Japanese likes from all over the country and develops it with an easy-to-understand menu.

"Aoyama Shokudo" is so good that naming is easy to understand.

P9051034 aoyamashokudo

This shop is very open, with shops extending along the first basement floor under the guard of Shinbashi.

The voice of the good people of the shop and the voices of happy customers echo in and out of the box (^ ^)

P9051046 aoyamashokudo P9051049 aoyamashokudo

First of all toast.

This "Teshima Kuromaru yakan (XNUM Xml with XNUM Xml)"

Somehow, a black pot and a black pot and a split water 1: 1 are contained in a kettle like a bear (^ ^)

The restaurant here is full of liquor menus, and in particular wines and champagnes are full-fledged brands such as Chablis and Donperi.

P9051042 aoyamashokudo

What should I ask first?

The quick menu looks like this ^ ^

P9051041 aoyamashokudo

At first it is full of chicken skin ponzu (360 yen) ^ ^

Refresh the onion and chicken skin match. P9051031 aoyamashokudo P9051030 aoyamashokudo

The menu of Aoyama Shokudo looks like this.

P9051044 aoyamashokudo

Aoyama Shokudo Salad (XNUM X yen)

The name is Aoyama Shokudo's salad is a simple salad with salad greens, cucumbers, seaweed and white hair leeks (^ ^)

P9051027 aoyamashokudo

Recommended menu of this day.

The handwriting menu settles down.

Looking at which one to eat ...

For a limited time, the characters of "Spilled How Much" are! Let's try this (^ ^)

P9051051 aoyamashokudo

Limited time "Spilled how much rice" (1,480 yen)

For a limited time, "Spilled Squid" is a limited edition item for XNUM week.

This can only be eaten now! I just asked.

The clerk will put some amount on top of a little small bowl!

How much you spill

It's already someday.

How much you spill

I still get on!

How much you spill

I wait for how much calmness.

How much you spill

Just how much juice drips ^ ^;

How much you spill

Too beautiful, this visual.

I have heard that rice stands, but it is the first time how much it stands ^ ^

How much you spill

What is it, New Year's Day (^ ^)

How much you spill

How much it was so delicious with a firm and firm feel (・ ∀ ·)

It was shared by XNUM X people, but it still felt like there was much.

It is said that this "spilled amount" very occasionally, so I want to eat it if I find it next time.

P9051032 aoyamashokudo

Next is meat!

Discover Japanese beef rib roast steak!

Let's go this next (^ ^)

Japanese beef rib roast steak

Kuroge Wagyu beef beef from Iwate prefecture (XNUM X g X NUM X)

Kuroge Wagyu beef rib loin steak arrives!

It seems to be a new menu from XNUM X month X NUM X day.

Of course freshly baked! Steam is standing from the iron plate (^ ^)

Japanese beef rib roast steak

Rib-loin steak, which sits on top of the bean sprouts.

I'm about to sit in front of me (^ ^)

Japanese beef rib roast steak

Burning is medium rare and just salted plum.

If you want to bake a little more, you can also bake well with round iron!

I see Sashi, I see!

Japanese beef rib roast steak

I will give you it! At first I will try to eat it!

! ! Very soft!

Every time I tighten it, the deep fat of rib louse is delicious and delicious (^ ω ^)

The thickness of the steak is just right and it is easy to eat.
P9051087 aoyamashokudo

Also served as a side dish, such as bean sprouts, green onions and myoga.

P9051083 aoyamashokudo

When I ate with this ponzu with the spice, I was able to eat it fresh!

If I share it with 4 people, I ate it in no time (^^)

Next I want to chat alone ('▽ `)

P9051104 aoyamashokudo

This is Aoyama Shokudo's night club from 18 time to 25 time (last order is 22 time)

Of course, lunch business is also performed from lunchtime 11 to 30 hours!

P9051088 aoyamashokudo

Japanese rolled omelet (XNUM X yen)

This is Ayu cheese with custard egg.

You can choose from Kujo green onion natto and 2 varieties.

P9051090 aoyamashokudo

Mentaiko rolls in the middle but it just rolls (^ ^)

It can not be matched with cheese and mentaiko!

My foie gras warship

My foie gras warship (XNUM X can X NUM X)

Here is a foie gras warship.

Mr. Miya who came together this day said, "It was as soft as whipped cream (・ ∀ ·)"

My foie gras warship

Deep-fried chicken (from 1 book 100 yen)

You can also ask what you like from 1 books!

Meat roll was delicious asparagus (^ ^)
P9051112 aoyamashokudo


By the time I came back, it was full and full. If the schedule is decided, it may be better to make a reservation.

At night it was an atmosphere like a pub, but the shop was clean and popular with women.

The food was carefully made one by one and the satisfaction was very high.

A restful cafeteria somewhere in fashionable Aoyama. Let's also eat lunch next time (^ ^)

Aoyama Shokudo

AddressShibuya-ku, Tokyo Jingumae 5-51-8 La Porto Aoyama Underground XNUM X floor
Access● Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line Omotesando Station From the BXNUM exit, walk XNUM minutes
Nearest stationOmotesando
Business hoursMon-Fri, Eve: 11: 30 to 15: 00 (dish LO 14: 30 Drink LO 14: 30) 18: 00 to next 0: 00 (dish LO 23: 30 drink LO 23: 30) Sat: 14: 00 to the next 0: 00 (Cooking LO 23: 00 Drink LO 23: 00)
Regular holidayDay, a public holiday
The total number of seats60
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