[Hakone Yumoto Station] Hakone pudding while watching romance car at Hakone cafe

The other day, I went to Hakone's day trip hot spring.
I went by a limited express romance car,There is a cafe where you can have breakfast while watching a romance car at Hakone Yumoto Station (^ ^)

Hakone Cafe

Get on the romance car

It is impressive that the car of this red body that has always been said to be a romance car.

This time I was able to get in on the eyes of 1.

The view from the romance car observation seat

The view from the romance car observation seat

It was not the front but I was able to look at the car window slowly in the seat very much before!

By the way, the driver's seat is on this, and I climbed up from here with a folding ladder (^ ^)

Hakone Yumoto Station

Yes, we arrived at the entrance to Hakone "Hakone Yumoto Station". From Shinjuku, you will arrive in less than 1 minutes 30 minutes.

Hakone Cafe 20

When you try to take out the ticket gate, the indication "Hakone Cafe" will appear on the display!

There is also a model of the Hakone Tozan Railway (・ ∀ ·)

Entrance of Hakone Cafe

You will find the entrance to Hakone Cafe when you turn around and come out of the ticket gate!

Morning set (600 yen)

I think that there is also a morning set (8 yen) with croissant sandwich and one drink (coffee / tea / juice) from time 600 ^ ^

Hakone Cafe 16

Like a cafe, there are many types of bread

It's like a cafe produced by a hotel in the Odakyu group, and there is a wide variety of bread.

Hakone pudding

There was something called Hakone pudding.

Let's eat this (^ ^)

Inside Hakone Cafe Store

Inside Hakone Cafe Store XNUM X Inside Hakone Cafe Store XNUM X

The store was large and had many seats.

The shop was completely non smoking.

Model of Hakone Tozan Railway (Moha XNUM X)

A model of the Hakone Tozan Railway (Moha 1) is on display at the counter seat.

The model seen from below was this.

Model of "Chiki 1"

This is a model of the "Chiki 1" that was running when the Hakone Tozan Railway opened.

Hakone Yumoto Station overlooks from the counter seat

You can look down from Hakone Yumoto Station from the counter seat!

The romance car I got on just before is still parked (^ ^)

The plaza of Hakone Tozan Railway runs in the counter seat.

If it goes to this end, it will automatically switch back like Hakone Tozan Railway ^ ^

Of course I've seen (^ ^;)

Ice coffee-named Hakone Tozan Railway

Yes, iced coffee with Hakone Tozan Railway ~

Hakone pudding (320 yen)

Hakone pudding (320 yen) is in an egg-shaped container. This cute (^ ^) Hakone Cafe 7

Hakone pudding is a chicken farm in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.Long eggIt is made of eggs and milk. It is rich in vitamin E and vitamin A. It was a very thick pudding!

Hakone pudding (320 yen) 3


Slow breakfast while watching the romance car

As we are doing from morning of 8, there were many people by breakfast. Let's enjoy breakfast and enjoy Hakone while watching the romance car (^ ^)

Hakone Cafe

Location: Yukon, Hakone-machi, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture.
TEL: 0460-85-8617
Hours: 8: 00 ~ 19: 00
Closed: No holiday
Official site:http://www.odakyu-hotel.co.jp/hakone-cafe/

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