I went to Hawaii in the business class of United Airlines

Hello, this is Tokyo walk baggage. I went to Hawaii for 1 month.
This time for the first time in my life I boarded a business class.
As it is an experience that can not be done rarely, I will convey my impressions.

United club

I applied last yearI won the “au Facebook Page Hawaii Travel Present Campaign!” And went to Hawaii in the business class this time!

This time we went in business class of United Airlines (^ ^)

This is United Airlines's lounge "United Club" at Narita Airport.

United club

United Airlines lounge "United Club"

Access to United Clubs is available to United Club members, Star Alliance Gold members of United Airlines, United Global First, United Business First, United First and United Business customers.

Or Rakuten's Gold CardRakuten Premium CardYou can make a free registration for Priority Pass, which allows you to use more than 600 airport lounges worldwide.You can use this lounge.(As of 2015 year 5 month 15 day, use of United club in priority pass is no longer available.)

This time we were in the business class, so we could use it just by showing the boarding pass!

United Club, Snack Buffet

The lounge offers free snack buffets, including drinks, seaweed, bread and snacks, as well as free soft drinks and a bar.

What a pity!

Wi-Fi for United Club

I could use my own Wi-Fi and copy, and I could spend my time until boarding time!

Let's get on board soon (^^)


My daughter-in-law (^ ^;) making small leaps while aiming for an impossible direction before the first business class in lifeLittle daughter-in-law

United Airlines Business Class

Here is the business class of United Airlines.

Blank sheets and blankets are by default on loose sheets!

Dedicated slippers were also available (^ ^)

United Airlines Business Class Amenities

Amenity comes in this case that comes one by one!

Contents included toothbrush set, comb, hand cream, lip, facial tissue, earplugs, eye mask, socks to keep feet cool (^ ^)

United Airlines Business Class Dinner

Business class in-flight meals

Afternoon 7 The flight of United Airlines UA20 departed on time for 880 minutes. A little after it took off, it was already ready for dinner.

First of all, cold appetizer and seasonal green salad.

Vegetable Sushi Roll, Sweet Sesame Pork, Mango Chili Sauce (^^)

United Airlines Business Class Dinner, Beef Tenderloin Steak

The main choice was meat (beef or chicken), fish, and Japanese 4 varieties.

I ordered beef tenderloin steak ('́`)

Beef tenderloin steak

It was a sense of volume that can not be considered as an in-flight meal (^ ω ^)

United Airlines Business Class Dinner, Japanese Food

My wife chose Japanese food.

It was a full-scale Japanese food bowl, such as simmered shrimp and sea bream.

United Airlines Business Class Dinner, Cheese Selection

After the meal, the world ’s cheese selection, grapes and crackers were served on the alcohol snack.

United Airlines Business Class Dessert

The last is after-meal dessert!

Ice cream is sweet (^ ^)

United Airlines Business Class Movies and Games

It's a break after dinner time is over.

Since the monitor is in front of the seat, I was able to view various contents such as movies and games for free.

However, since there are no subtitles in Japanese, what you see may be limited. (At this time I saw the English version of "Pacific Rim" while there was "The King of Apology")

Tetris at United Airlines Business Class

Here is the return flight.

My wife, I'm doing Tetris ^ ^

United Airlines Business Class Seat

When taking a nap, you can adjust the seat to a full flat!

When you defeat the seat with the control switch at hand ...

United Airlines Business Class Full Flat Seat

Turned into a full flat bed completely.

I am very happy to extend my body to my feet (^ ^)

Before,Experience JAL's new seatI have done something, but I could just get on a real business class (crying)

United Airlines Business Class Breakfast

The flight to Hawaii will arrive at Honolulu International Airport in about 7 hours!

So breakfast will start in a few hours after eating dinner ~

Breakfast is full of croissants, fruits, pastrami, yogurt and more!

Still a full stomach ...

Hawaii's dawn from United Airlines Business Class

Arrival at Honolulu International Airport is 6 at the local time and it is past 30 minutes.

Such takeovers could be seen from the cabin before takeoff.

View from United Airlines Business Class

Here is the return flight.

Before, I was not good at flying, but after all this view is a flight only (^ ^)


The first business class in my life was a very valuable experience. After all, the effect of the full flat seat was great on the flight with a long flight time, and it was very big that I did not get tired feeling even after arriving in Hawaii.

And frank opinion is ...

I want to get in business class again!

I will do my best to go on my own next time (^ ^)

Click here for a business class flight booking site for Hawaii!



↓ When we apply from banner of our siteReceiving fee (tax-included 540 yen) will be free, and will be 5% OFF from the total price!

Honolulu Airport ⇔ Hotel's JTB transfer plan (XNUM yen ~) is also popular!

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"Rakuten Gold enters Rakuten's UA Lounge", but I think it correctly says "Rakuten Gold Card can be used for free with Priority Club Card". There is a lounge where you can enter at Priority Club, which is recommended because it is located around the world.

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