[Suginami ward Ogikubo] Shaved ice from "Ramen Neiroya" is too serious

Hello, this is Tokyo walk baggage.

This time, I went to "Ramen Neiroya" in Ogikubo. Here you can eat natural ice shaved ice that is rare in a ramen shop!

Neiroya Apricot milk

Church street

Ogikubo Station walk 5 minutes, a ramen shop on the church street

The place is this "Ramen Neiroya" who comes to view as it walks along the shopping street called Church Street, with its old shops lined up for XNUM minutes from JR Sobu Line Ogikubo Station North Exit.

Neiroya Shaved ice

If you look only at the exterior, you may not know what it looks like, but outside the shop, there is a large "Ramen Neiroya" lantern and an ice flag. This is a ramen shop that opened in 2012.

The ice flag is the character of the natural ice "three stars ice chamber" of sunlight. There are only 5 cases in Japan, and it is possible to eat shaved ice with natural ice all year round, and many shaved ice fans are coming.

Despite Sunday afternoon, this day was waiting for about 10 minutes with nearly 30 people lined up.

Neiroya Ramen MenuNeiroya Shaved ice menu

The shop has about 10 seats at the counter seats.

Well, order. I ordered only shaved ice this time. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, I put only shaved ice, but on weekdaysPlease be aware that we do not provide shaved ice unless it is 15.

Delicious ramen was introduced to the video of the church street HP (^. ^)


I ordered "Seki San Chi no Apricot milk" from today's shaved ice menu this time (^. ^)

"Marumitsu Farm's Peach" looks delicious too!

Neiroya Shaved ice

While I'm waiting, I can see a familiar Miya-kun and Heartland beer every time.

The combination of beer and shaved ice is not well understood, but beer is nice from daytime ~ (^. ^)


Woman's strawberry strawberry milk (850 yen)

In the meantime, first of all, Miya-kun order girl peak strawberry milk has appeared.

One dish (^ ω ^) with plenty of homemade girl's strawberry syrup in a mountain range of shaved ice that rises from a plate

Some spoons come with 2 pieces (^^)


Neiroya Shaved ice Strawberry milk

I can't stand syrup syrup ^ _ ^

It is shaved ice that you can fully enjoy the natural sweetness and sour taste of the woman peak strawberry!

Neiroya Apricot milk

Seki Sanno Apricot Milk (XNUM X yen)

This is the "Seki San's Anzu milk" I ordered!

You may have an apricot fountain next to fluffy ice! Great impact!

Neiroya Shaved ice apricot milk

There is a lot of syrup that an apricot included in rumbling ('▽ `)

Neiroya Shaved ice apricot milk

Anzu dripping!
You will receive (^ ^)


Natural ice shavings are soft and soft, and their heads are not keen.

The apricot syrup, which contains rumbling of flesh, can enjoy the inner Toro Toro condition of the apricot and the rough condition of the outer peel.

Neiroya Shaved ice apricot milk

As you continue to eat, the milk and apricots, and the melted ice are united, like an iced apricot latte (^. ^)

Sweet and sour, somber ^ o ^

The ramen shop has already jumped over several levels of shaved ice. If you look at Twitter, the fruit that is the ingredient of the syrup is going to buy locally, and I feel a strong commitment.

It was only shaved ice this time, but I will go to eat ramen this time ^ _ ^
Please check the shop's Twitter before you go, as the opening hours and the lineup of shaved ice change from day to day!


Address: Tokyo, Suginami-ku, Amanuma 3-6-24
Regular holiday: Tuesday (temporarily closed)
Business hours: irregular business
Please check the daily business hours on Twitter.
Store Twitter:https://twitter.com/neiroya
※ Please check the time for serving of shaved ice on Twitter.

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