[Minato Ward Toranomon] This year's hot spot new topic! Toranomon Hills Sanpo

Hello! It is Tokyo walk po (wife)!

This time, stylish new spots in Tokyo! I went to Toranomon Hills, which was opened on the XNUM X Day. * ^^ * The scenery with a powerful scene.

Toranomon Hills is a 5-minute walk from the nearest station, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Toranomon Station.

This is Toranomon Hills. Grand skyscraper on the ground 52 floor, basement 5 floor, height 247 meters.

Japan's first landing hotel on the 47 floor to the 52 floor with commercial facilities and officesAnders Tokyo"This is a hot topic this year.


I got a little lost after getting off the Toranomon station ^ ^;

Follow the flow of people, arrived safely. (Lack of a sense of direction;;)


First is the courtyard.

There is a little lawn and the green is fresh.

Colorful Oyama? The object like is made of the material of strange touch.

It's kind of soft.


A small child was playing happily.

It's fluffy and soft, so it's okay if you think about it.


The roof of the entrance from the courtyard has a smart impression design.



This is an escalator, which is just after entering the entrance, where Toranomon welcomes you. I am excited.

Everybody here is too cool! I took a picture.


This is the most interesting art! Because it is Toranomon, pattern of tiger?

The work of a Korean artist based in New York, San Quak.

I feel very energy in the modern!


This is a work of art, but the ceiling is drawn dynamically!

Please look for it when you go and look ^ ^



Here is a topic of Famima!

Toranomon Hills has offices from the 6 floor to the 35 floor, but many people working in the office have come to shopping because it is a weekday.

There is Famima Lounge next to you and you can eat there. Stylish atmosphere.


It seems that Famima's book corner has a wide range of books and miscellaneous items tailored to the theme of each season.

Famima !! | Store Information | Toranomon Hills Store


The Third Cafe by Standard Coffee

This time we had an early lunch at this cafe * ^ ^ *


At the entrance, a sample of lunch and a menu.

I asked for LUNCHSET (600 yen) this time.


Drinks order regular iced tea. The cup is so fashionable.

Like a jar of jam ^ ^;


Today's sand with a fair volume!


Coleslaw salad with hijiki, healthy and good ♪

And a glass like a jar of jam? I liked ~. I also want my home ^ ^


I went a little early on this day, so I had free seats and no congestion.

It was a style to receive an order at the entrance.

THE 3RD CAFE by Standard Coffee (shop HP)


Toranomon Bar

After eating lunch, I took pictures of various stores as much as possible.

It was a long time since it was open, and there was a procession everywhere.

This is a wine bar where you can also enjoy authentic French cuisine. Anyway, fashionable atmosphere

P6130726 P6130733

Excuse me for a moment and pissari inside the store.

Next time I tried by all means ~ ~

Toranomon Bar | Toranomon Bar French cafe & wine (店 HP)
Aged meat specialty Tajimaya

Aged meat specialty Tajimaya

This is famous in Kansai!

Aged meat specialty Tajimaya seems to be able to enjoy Kuroge Wagyu aged for 50 days.



This high-impact meat display at the store entrance! ! !

Well. I also want to eat to prevent summer bloat.

Aging meat specialty tajimaya | List of stores (charcoal grilled meat ・ steak & WINE ・ teppanyaki & WINE ・ grilled meat kaiseki)

Toranomon Hills symbol Toranomon

Catching the setting that it was made in the same factory as Doraemon with a cat type business robot that came from the future 100 years later ^ ^


Of course it is similar to Doraemon, but the mons of Tora is white (^ ^;)


Suzu is still the same as Doraemon! ! Gold pika

P6130757The tail to be worried about ...

After all the tail of the tiger? ?

Good Morning Cafe & Grill

Here is Good Morning Cafe & Grill in front of Toranomon Hills. It is located on the New Tiger Street.

Shin Tora Dori is Tokyo'sChamps Elysee ProjectIt is designated as "," and it is planned that there will be various open cafes in the future. This Good Morning Cafe & Grill has opened as its first store.

Good Morning Cafe SendagayaI have been to the shop, but Acai bowl is delicious! But is this area like Champs Elysées? It's an exciting project * ^^ *

Open in Shinbashi and Toranomon Hills area MacArthur Street! Good Morning Cafe & Grill (GMCG)


We introduced a part of Toranomon Hills this time.

Everything was not written on the blog, but Toranomon Hills is full of attractive shops.

The design is also stylish, simple and smart. I received such an impression.

I am looking forward to the Champs Elysées project and transforming it into a more fashionable city. * ^^ *

Toranomon Hills (official HP)

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