【Shibuya】 A popular pancake restaurant in Hawaii lands in Japan for the first time! "KOA Pancake House (Coa Pancake House)"

We went to the pre-opening event of KOA Pancake House (core pancake house), a Hawaii-born pancake restaurant that fulfills Japan's first landing on 2014, 7, and 6 (Sun). Today we will introduce pancakes that can be eaten in a Hawaiian atmosphere!


The pancake shop most loved by Loco in Hawaii

Core Pancake HouseIs expanding its XNUM store on Oahu Island in Hawaii, and it is very popular as a local restaurant = Loco, which won local papers such as "Best Pancake Award" and "Best Breakfast Award". .

The first domestic store of core pancake was set up on the 7 floor of a building located near Shibuya PARCO, an 1 minute walk from Shibuya Station. Pancake information site this time "Everyone's Pancake Club"I went to the pre-opening event of" core Pancake House Shibuya store "at the invitation of Mr."!

This is easy to understand because it is the 1 floor of the building facing the entrance to the Koa Pancake House, Shibuya Koen-dori.


The shop has already been completed, and all you have to do is wait for the opening of 7 Mon XNUM X (Sun).

This day was a pre-open show.


The atmosphere is calm with the decor of Hawaii.

Most recent pancake shops are table-order shops, but this core pancake house is a system where you first order at the cash register and then sit down.


Menu looks like this!


We ordered from this special menu for pre-opening on this day.

It looks delicious (^. ^)


Soft drinks are also available in large sizes like American sizes!


We also sell Hawaiian local beer, Kona beer (^ ^)


There are counter seats and table seats, and there are 50 seats in total.

Here we introduce Pancakes from the Core Pancake House!


Strawberry whipped cream (XNUM X yen)

First of all, a pancake with a big strawberry on it!

Pancakes are 3 pieces on a slightly larger plate! It has plenty of fresh cream and a whole strawberry sauce, but the sweetness is modest and light.


As the dough feels a little salty, it's sweet with just the built-in maple syrup.

The sweetness of the dough is pulled by putting syrup (^. ^)


Fluffy mochi pancake is likely to be this signboard product ^ ^


Chocolate macadamia (1000 yen)

Speaking of Hawaii's specialty, macadamian nuts!

The pancake of this shop is just big anyway (^ ω ^)


Banana caramel (XNUM X yen)

This pancake has half of the caramelised bananas!

Salted plum with good saltiness of caramel sauce. There is also a volume, this is the best today (^. ^)



Both the dishes and pancakes are a bit larger than usual.

This will be full (^^)


Egg Benedict (XNUM X yen)

Meal type pancake is substantial, too! Here is Egg Benedict.

Bacon and poached eggs are not good ^ ^


Local morning plate (1250 yen)

A breakfast of core pancake loved by Loco who won the local "Best Breakfast Award".

Sausages like ('▽ `)


BBQ Chicken Fried Rice (XNUM X Yen)

A voluminous dish with juicy chicken and butter rice.

In addition to this, there was also a "Fried Rice Loco Moco" (XNUM yen) meal system!

Great satisfaction already (^. ^)


There are also many tropical drinks.

This is Blue Hawaii Smoothie.


Orange smoothie


Green smoothie is green juice smoothie.

Good health (^ ^)


Hawaiian ginger ale is a tropical juice with a gingery feel.

Orchid flowers are also beautiful.



The restaurant has Hawaiian music and wave BGM, and the restaurant has a very calm atmosphere. You can eat pancake in a moment of hawaii feeling (^. ^) Oh, I want to go to Hawaii again!

All the staff wore Aloha shirts, and it was a bright and fun shop (^-^)

We stand in a little distant place from Harajuku of pancake fierce war zone, but will there be plan of several store openings in future? Yes, it will soon become a popular store!

“KOA Pancake House (Coa Pancake House) Shibuya branch” that locals in Hawaii love is 2014 Year 7 Month 6 Day (Sun) AM 10 Day Open!

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