【Hawaii Honolulu travel book】 Spam rice ball is very popular! ABC Store and Lawson where everything from souvenirs to daily necessities are complete

Hello! It is a Tokyo walk. I went to Honolulu, Hawaii in January.

This time, we are Honolulu beginners who can shop with confidence in our Honolulu convenience storeABC store"When"LawsonWill introduce

Souvenirs, daily necessities, etc. "ABC store"


Everywhere I go to HonoluluABC STORESYou can see the letter "". This ABC store is more than 35 stores in Waikiki area alone. It feels like a convenience store that sells souvenirs, swimwear, daily necessities, and groceries.


There are all kinds of clothing such as T-shirts, swimwear, resort dresses and so on, so if you forget to bring it, you can get it here.


Many souvenirs such as keychains and macadamian nuts are also available ~ (^ ^)


There are also daily necessities such as shampoos, rinses and cosmetics.The notation is also written in Japanese, so I am saved.

There is also a pharmacy inside the store, so even when I bought a drug for preventing drunk and gastrointestinal medicine, it was written in Japanese, which was very helpful.


ABC Stores-Deli

It is near the hotel we stayed at this timeInside the Imperial of WaikikiDeli was attached to the ABC store.


We sell sandwiches, drinks such as fresh fruit and spam rice ball liquor as well, and are convenient at the time of night meal and breakfast (^ ω ^)

Lawson in the Sheraton Waikiki


There are not as many as ABC store, but there are Lawson of XNUM store in Waikiki! This is Lawson on the Sheraton Waikiki 4 floor.

what do you want. Lawson's sense of security in foreign countries (^ ^)


Spam end

The store is quite close to Japan's Lawson, but the most popular products of Lawson in Hawaii are Oden and Spam Suzubi (1 $). Spam end is overwhelmingly popular anyway and the case is full of spam end (^ ^;)



Salty spam is on the rice ball and it is wounded with nori.

If you get a shot at the range you can eat only other spam!


The rice balls of Niigata's Koshihikari are also sold normally.

Koshihikari or chest fever in Niigata in Hawaii ...


Here is the Philadelphia Roll ($ 7.90)

A roll of cucumber and crab braised with avocado and salmon. It was terrific but delicious.


It was cold Chinese food somehow.

Both ABC Store and Lawson were very strong allies to us in Hawaii for the first time.
If you are going to Hawaii for the first time, I think it is quite convenient just to remember this 2 store!

Honolulu Airport ⇔ Hotel's JTB transfer plan (XNUM yen ~) is also popular!

If you use Google map in Hawaii, overseas Wifi router is convenient!

↓ When we apply from banner of our siteReceiving fee (tax-included 540 yen) will be free, and will be 5% OFF from the total price!

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