[Suitable for 1 overnight trip] IKEA's cabin bag "UPPT Ä CKA"

HelloTokyo stroller.
The cabin bag I found at "IKEA Tachikawa", which opened the other day, is cheap, fashionable, and easy to use.


Cabin bag with wheels ideal for 1 overnight trips

I have a large suitcase for traveling abroad, but I didn't want to carry too much luggage when traveling for a little night, so I used to travel in a shoulder bag. Recently, however, I was looking for a small, good cabin bag for overnight travel, as it was becoming increasingly difficult to hang on my shoulder.

The other day, a new IKEA opened in Tachikawa, and found a cabin bag with wheels, "UPPT UP CKA", to be introduced at this time.

[Ikea Tachikawa first day report] Tokyo first opening store Let's go by train to IKEA Tachikawa!

It looks fashionable and it's quite affordable and it feels good ^ ^


Uppe Teka series cabin bag with castor is yellow orange, dark gray, dark blue, 3 color development. We chose dark blue dark blue this time.

It's simple, but it's a pretty cool design.


The price is 6,161 yen (including tax),IKEA family membersSo if it is a special price 4,618 yen (including tax) and a cabin bag of this size it will be quite affordable (^ ω ^)


Yes, a bride appeared here.

The size of the cabin bag is width: XNUMx cm, depth: 40 cm, height: 20.5 cm, capacity: 50L, weight: 30 kg. When stored, the carry handle can be repositioned to an intermediate, high 2.75 position.

The photo is in the middle position. The height of the wife is XNUM X cm.


When moving, it is easy to move at a high position. The caster is also quiet.

Please see the exquisite toe judgment of the bride (^ ^;)


The fasteners are now padlockable.

IKEA padlockIt seems that there is also.


The surface of the cabin case is made of cloth material called EVA foam.

I tried to water it and saw it, but it's water-repellent so it's safe even in the rain. But when it gets wet, it seems to last longer if you wipe it well.


It looks like this when I open the bag.

The picture is my 13.3inch MacBook Pro, but it fits in well and this margin (^ ^)


You can also secure your clothes on the left side with a glove compartment or rubber strap.

If it is a woman, it will be useful for cosmetics case.


There is a zipper on the side of the central part and accessories are coming into it.


The right side has mesh fasteners and can be stored a lot here.

My house is the other dayTravel to Sendai in XNUMI did, but for 2 people this size was enough. If there are 1 people, it is likely there is room for 2 ~ 3 nights.

The cabin bag introduced this time is a special price of the IKEA family. Because admission fee and annual fee are free, it is better to make it when shopping at IKEA!


UPPTÄCKA Cabin bag on casters – dark blue – IKEA
↑ You can not buy, but you can check the stock status of each store!

UPPTÄCKA Winning Suitcase with castors-Yellow Orange-IKEA
大 き な The large suitcase is also a reasonable price.

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