Is the trend of this year's tea maker's shaved ice? I went to Tokyo shaved ice collection 2014

An event "Tokyo Shaved Ice Collection 2014" where popular shops of shaved ice from all over Japan gather together was held on XNUM X Moon XNUM X (Saturday).

This time, I will share the information of “KANSAI Shaved Ice Collection 2014”, which was decided on the day of the part of the night club and held recently.


East and West popular scraped ice stores 5 stores gather

As in the previous year, various talk live events are being held on the 2014 floor of ZEPP TOKYO, Tokyo Koto Ward, as for the stage of "Yakikore 2" this timeTokyo culture cultureMr. is.

An event that was a great success last year. What kind of shaved ice can you eat this year?


It was held only on weekday nights until last year, but this time it was held for the first time on Saturday daytime and night 2 divisions.

The stores that opened in the daytime and night were different, but this time five shops of ice shops have gathered!

This time we visited the night club (^ ^)


The shops that participated in the night club this time are the ONUMO's of Nara's "Ochanoko", Kamakura's "Tayaki Nami Hei", and Kanda's "Norika Fu". "Ochanoko" of Nara (open day and night) and GifuRed roseMr. Chofu'sAzukiya Ando'Has opened a store.

Chofu "Azukiya Ando" went last summer. Shaved ice of matcha tea was the best (^ ^)

【Chofu City Fuda】 Eat homemade Matcha Azuki Perk Ice at “Azukiya Ando” / Tokyo Walkpo


In this event, there was a "free menu" that can be exchanged with each store at this store, and a "paid menu" that can be eaten at extra charge (XNUM X cup X NUM X yen).

"O" is a boy

"N" is Nagoyakafu

"Ta" is a grilled sea bream.

Let's introduce each 1 store!


【Nara】 Ochanoko

"Ochanoko" in Nara is a tea shop selling Taiwanese tea and Yamato tea. It seems that you can eat "Nara delicacies" along with Taiwanese tea and Chinese tea at the restaurant (^ ^)

Tea is of course used as well as the shaved ice that the teahouse makes!


Hoji tea latte with ice dumplings

Ochanoko's free menu is "Hoji tea latte with scraps".

Shaved ice is covered with a special syrup made of houji tea and milk. The bitter taste is softened with milk as it is the taste of hojicha and it is delicious (^ ^)

Shaved ice of tea is likely to marry.


Inside is a Kansai-style scrapper. Unlike Kanto, it has a jellied texture. The imperial family is also bought (^ ^)

Red tea ice

The paid menu for Ochanokoko is scooped ice called Rei Cha Koori. ChineseIt seems to be a tea that has been released as a tea for "hospitality tea" since the time of the Three Kingdoms.

Shaved ice made of green tea made of black soybeans, soy beans, green tea, sesame seeds and other ingredients of 20.


It looks like the beautiful green "擂 tea ice" is the most popular of the shop (^ ^)

Amber sweet ice that looks sweet and healthy. There is a premonition that ice of tea is likely to be popular along with ice of mojicha latte.

Ochanoko (shop HP)


[Kanda Jimbocho] Nagoyafu

Okinawa Cafe "Norika Fu" serving Okinawa cuisine using Okinawan ingredients that the owner from Okinawa ordered from the Nago region of Okinawa.

In the free menu, the words "Red Imo Zenzai"! It looks delicious (ヽ `) ノ


I will apply plenty of condensed milk.


Red potato azalea

This is the scintillating ice of the red sea bream.

The purple visual of red wine is very impressive!


The red rose was a great presence (^ ^)

This is great!


Avocado and Strawberry Zenzai

This is Nakaka-Fu's paid menu “Avocado and Strawberry Zenzai”.

Avocado green on the side of the strawberry red with a shocking dish (^ ^)


There are not many shops that can eat such shaved ice.

If you like Okinawa fruit, you should go there!

Nakakafu's blog (shop blog)


On this day, an eating walk guide "Kakigoorisuto Vol. 2", which gathers shaved ice shops in various places in Japan, is unveiled for the first time.

"Kakigoristo Vol. X NUM X", in which dozens of stores' ice shavings are published, is being sold at listed stores.


【Kamakura】 I went to the Taiyaki

It is "Taiyaki Nami Hei" who has a shop near the big Buddha in Kamakura. A restaurant where you can eat bread and yakisoba with wheat from Hokkaido, as well as taiyaki.

It is said that the amount of shaved ice from the middle of 6 to the end of 9 is limited.


Figure to scrape ice. It is quite difficult work if this continues for a long time, but the shopkeepers did their best!


Mango milk ice
(Dried mango with lemon yoghurt pickled)

The free menu "Mango milk ice" is a tropical dish.

Shaved ice looks good in primary colors (^^)


There is plenty of mango syrup and dried mango yoghurt on ice!

If you like mango, it's a shaky ice (・ ∀ ·)

Taiyaki Nami Hei Official Site (Shop HP)

IMGP3257It was quite a long street, but as it was the last time, it was a terrific event.

Recently, the number of shops that produce shaved ice has increased year-round, and I feel the popularity of shaved ice not falling into a mere boom. And I felt that the number of shops where tea shops, including Ochanokoko from Nara, are making ice cream using an original syrup made of tea is increasing. This summer I would like to focus on the shaved ice of such a tea shop.

KANSAI Shaved Ice Collection to be held on 5 / 17

And this Tokyo shaved ice collection, abbreviated "Yakikore" is also held in Kansai. LocationDesign Creative Center Kobe KIITOIt seems to be held on 5 Monday 17 (Sat).

In addition to "Ochanokoko" who opened in this oyster collection, KobeJapanese tea cafe-day tripMr. "Osaka,"FRUITE GARDEN Yamaguchi fruit"It seems to open a store (^ ^)

It's a must-check for Kansai's oysters!

Festival of shaved ice "Tokyo shaved ice collection" "KANSAI shaved ice collection" HOME

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