[Tachikawa] Yukinoshita Tachikawa where you can eat pancake and shaved ice at the same time.

This time we introduce Mr. Yukinoshita Tachikawa, who opened in Tachikawa city on XNUM X Moon X NUM X.

It is a restaurant where you can eat thick pancake and shaved ice with sweet red hopes from Shizuoka Fujieda!

Hot Hoppe Cake-Shizuoka Hot Hoppe with the finest cream-


Walk from IKEA Tachikawa for XNUM minutes

Walk from JR Tachikawa Station for XNUM minutes. Opened the other dayIKEA TachikawaYukinoshita Tachikawa-san, who will arrive in about XNUM minutes on foot from here.

It has been done because the popular pancake shop in Osaka opened on this 4 Mon 2 day.

Pancakes of Yukino Shitagawa

On that day, even though it was a first day of IKEA Tachikawa's opening on weekdays, there were a lot of customers who came back after IKEA shopping.


The store is almost fully booked based on white. There were about XNUM X seats at the table seats.

IMG_4602 Yukino Shitakawa Menu

Well, order.
Yukinoshita is synonymous with chunky pancakes. It is famous for its well-shaped and beautiful pancakes, but I did not know that I could eat shaved ice.

Pancake and shaved ice, I am very happy lineup I like both (^. ^) On this day was semi-regular, Miya-kun and his family were also together, so to divide and eat.

Omi Izu Farm Milk Ice

Omi Izu Farm Milk and Shizuoka-produced red hoof ice (XNUM yen)

First of all, it is shaved ice of order of the bride. Omi Izu Farm Milk and the scarlet ice of Shizuoka Ohata Farm. Instead of applying syrup to the scraped ice, Izu ranch milk is ice-frozen and scraped with ice, on top of which is a specially made syrup of red hump. The bowl is small, but it contains a lot of ice, and even if it freezes the milk, it does not become watery as it is scraped out.

Shaved ice with sweet and sour taste of strawberries. I want to eat this even if it is not summer (^-^)

Black honey powder ice

Black honey powder ice (XNUM X yen)

This is Miyakun-kun's black honey powder ice.
A mixture of black bean flour and homemade black honey is full of ice.

Ice of condensed milk is hidden at the bottom of the bowl and compatibility with black honey is perfect (^. ^)

Hot Hoppe Cake-Shizuoka Hot Hoppe with the finest cream-

Hot Hop Cake-Shizuoka Hot Hop with the Best Cream-(XNUM X Yen)

And the pancake I waited for came out. Chunky pancake placed in a classy pottery bowl. On top of that, a bright red poppy and cream will be poured on it ^ ^ strawberry sauce!

Hot Hoppe Cake-Shizuoka Hot Hoppe with the finest cream-

I wonder if the pancake is a fluffy dough. Firmly moist and dense, the size of the lady and the opposite volume. And the dough is delicious.

The well-ripened Shizuoka Fujieda product red popper brings a rich sweetness and acidity.


Benpoppe, cream, pancake. If it eats together, the harmony of the Trinity will go around the mouth.

This is delicious ^ ^

Horiguchi Hajime ice coffee

Coffee is a specialty coffee from Setagaya.Horiguchi AkiraDo you use Mochi's beans? The richness of the iced coffee matched the pancake ^ ^


By the time I left the store, many visitors from IKEA were in line.

It is a little away from the station, but it seems that this area is bustling with synergy due to IKEA Tachikawa being made (^ ^)

Yukino Shitachikawa ~ Pancake, a famous store of shaved ice is at Chuo Line Tachikawa. (Shop HP)

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