[Omotesando] Outdoor food court full of individuality "246 common (COMMUNE246)" is fun

Do you know the space "XNUM X common" which is a few minutes walk from the colorful Omotesando area?

We introduce here that unique miscellaneous goods and restaurants lined up a row this time.


What is "XNUM X common"?

246common (246 Common) is a community-type commercial space opened in 2012 and 8 months. A number of groups such as CAFE COMPANY, who work on numerous cafes in the city such as "WIRED CAFE", are running idle places where fashion buildings were originally standing.

Postscript Currently, it operates as COMMUNE246.

Let's get in!


When you go inside, there is a great depth of space where there are general stores, florists, and unique dining outlets.

You can eat and drink while taking a break in a heated tent ^ ^


Going to the back, "Common Yokocho" appears.

Good atmosphere.

Then it is not all, but introduce a little shop?



We can have freshly brewed coffee at "SHOZO COFFEE STORE" which has its main store in Nasu-Shiobara ^ ^

After all coffee is the best.

There are scones and baked goods, and there are benches too.



The New York Brooklyn Style New Sense of Fried Potato "Ribbon Fly" is a specialty.

Store attitude that seems to have come to downtown of New York ^ ^


A ribbon fry fried with olive oil and cut May Queen spirally was very easy to eat!

Eating ketchup and mustard also doubles the taste (^ ^)


Kalief leak

This "Calief leak" who always receives full-scale curry of 5 kinds or more always.

"Butter chicken curry" is mild and recommended for women ^ ^

I was also interested in curry oden.


Arihito's tempura shop

Okinawa's fast food "Martin Tempura" enjoys tempura of fish and mozuku ^ ^


Joy meat meat liquor house rice and circus

Genkininarell beast meat restaurant ☆ rice and circus are nowYou can eat a lot of hot meat (jibi) of the topic.

Stir fry of crocodile tongue with deer hamburger, smoked lamb salad ....

This is amazing (^ ^;)


There was a small hut on the sidewalk, and there was also a space for two people to relax.

Though it is Omotesando, what a sense of relaxation


This is "Kewpie 3 Minute Cooking Minami Aoyama 3 Chome Kitchen"


There were a lot of Kyupi-chan goods in the shop ^ ^

I haven't eaten here yet,

Please look at this entry of Wanpakku blogger Munada.

[Limited time] Omotesando walk XNUM minutes "Keepie 2 minute cooking Minami Aoyama XNUM X chome kitchen" was a cute and lovely shop! | | | The Munesada Blog

Airstream reserved party

If it comes with a large number of people, such as New Year's party and birthday party, it may be good to leave it here.


There were many types of liquor such as beer and wine.

There are many places or foreigners and there is an international atmosphere.


The people in the shop are all friendly people and the venue is surrounded by pleasant atmosphere.

Recommended area if you're tired of shopping at Omotesando. ^^

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