[Minami Aoyama] The appearance of the pineapple cake "Sunny Hills" in Taiwan is amazing

Tokyo branch of "Sunny Hills" pineapple cake from Taiwan in 12 Mon XNUM Day, Minami AoyamaSunnyHills at Minami-Aoyama'Has been opened.

I went to see the unique appearance!


Architect Kengo Tsuji's design

I was very worried since I passed this building a little while ago. But if you feel like you saw somewhere, this is the architect'sKengo SakaiA building designed by. Speaking of Satoshi Kengo, it opened in Dazaifu City in Fukuoka Prefecture in 2011 years,Starbucks Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine OmotesandoIs very impressive.


Such a cute signboard at the entrance ^ ^ Sunny Hills is written in Taiwanese, "slight mountain hill".

We did not enter this time, but those who wished to purchase pineapple cake could enter immediately.

If you would like to purchase after tasting, it was a feeling that it was a guide after the tasting seat was open ^ ^


Even so, this appearance is overwhelming!

All the lumber is made of cypress, and it seems to be built with a traditional wood lattice called "Hell pair".

The name seems to be strong "Hell pair" ...


The location is a few minutes from Omotesando Station, and there were not many people yet, but it is a very distinctive building. Everyone stopped watching and looked ^ ^

When you get close, please go by all means!

↑ This video is CG, but you can see the inside.

SunnyHills 熱 | Sunlighted sweets

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