[Year-end party New Year's Party season] Intuitive wali instinct app "premium account" is on sale at a special price

Finally this year is the end of the year. Opportunities for year-end parties, Christmas parties, New Year parties and drinking parties have increased.

Today we introduce the apprenticeship of the secretary's handicap. It will reach you until itchy cousin!

Beautiful looking wali instinct app that allows you to make detailed settings

Speaking of the secretary of the drinking party reservation from the selection of the store, it is busy anyway with the partition of the day.

Above all, the final settlement is quite a difficult task because everyone can not translate under the same conditions.

The iPhone app "premium account" is quite good as it displays detailed payment terms in a clear and clear appearance!

↑ First is the basic screen. If you put in the total charge, and put in the number of people, it will be displayed Warikan charge per 1 people.

↑ Payment terms can be selected in 10 yen units, 100 yen units, 500 yen units.

↑ You can also choose to turn over surplus or deficit.

上司 If it is a drinking party at work, your boss or senior may pay you a little higher. In that case, if you set the amount of money by adding "Pay more", other people's payments will also change!

Flicking the "+-" button on the right of the numeric keypad ...

↑ You can add individual payment settings such as "Pay more", "Pay less", "Pay-in balance", "Individual pay", and so on.

Let's flick "Pay more".

割 You can set the number of people and "more payment" than per account payment.

Good luck ^ ^

逆 If you do not drink alcohol or women, you can easily set "Pay less".

フ If you flick individual payment amount, the numeric keypad will change to a key such as "+ 1000 yen" or "-500 yen" and you can easily fine-tune the amount.

↑ If there is a carryover money from the previous drinking party or a subsidy from the drinking party, you can set it separately with "Retention money" and subtract from the amount!

↑ The person who returns first in the middle of the drinking party can be set individually.

This is useful ^ ^

↑ In addition to the yen, it corresponds to the US dollar, and chip calculations can be made and it seems to be active during overseas travel ^ ^

↑ UI (look) is very beautiful and simple design.

You can change the design from the "set button" of the gear.

This is iOSXNUM-style "flat".

ピ ン ク You can also choose pink for women.

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