This year's Omotesando Hills Christmas Tree is like a FF save point

The first favorite FF series is VII! Tokyo stroller (@tokyosanpopo) ^ ^

The other day I went to Omotesando Hills. There is a Christmas tree elaborated every year, but what is the tree this year like?

It looks like save points of FF ('∀ `)

Omotesando Hills Christmas Tree

XNUM X 10,000 Christmas trees with sparkling Swarovski

This year's Omotesando Hills appeared in the Art Christmas Tree with 30,000 Swarovski Elements.

Something very gorgeous savepoint (^ ^)

by the wayShibuya Station passed a labyrinth on April Fool's Day this year and a save point was set upThere is something to tell you, but here the Omotesando Hills also has a spiral corridor, so it is a labyrinth structure that can not easily reach the tree when entering from the main entrance.

It looks like a treasure box, but it looks like a dungeon that can not be reached easily ^ ^;


When we went down to the underground 2 floor, we finally arrived to the front of the tree.

Many parties have come to save whether they are not in the boss game. #Wrong


I don't know if HP or MP will recover from a Christmas tree with 30,000 Swarovskis sprinkled

Tension seems to UP with high probability (・ (·)


After a while, the LED production changes. The pink light gently wraps around.

I was in danger of falling asleep ...

In front of the tree there are a lot of people taking commemorative photos!

In a sense, it became a real save point ^ ^


In Omotesando, wonderful illuminations are being held from dusk!

Omotesando is full of many shoppers on holidays.

If you get tired of taking a walk, you can see the Omotesando Hills Christmas tree and save your strength ♪

Omotesando Hills | Omotesando Hills

■ Date and time: XNUM X month X NUM X day (Wed) to X NUM X month X NUM X day (Wed)
■ Lighting time: 11: 00 to 23: 00
■ Place: Main building blowout large stairs

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