There is no sense of reality in the app "Marugoto Factory Tour" where aircraft maintenance factories and steel mills can be seen!

I love visiting the factory! Tokyo stroller (@tokyosanpopo)is.

The app we will introduce this time is an iOS app that allows you to tour 3 factories. The name is "whole factory tour" ^ ^


3 factories that you can visit

What can be visited with this application are the aircraft maintenance facility for aircraft (JAL maintenance center), ironworks (JFE Steel East Japan Steel Works, Keihin area), and 3 factories for glassware manufacturing plants (Matsutoku Glass).

Select and tap the factory you want to see from the main screen!


First of all, let's go to the JAL Maintenance Center located right next to Haneda Airport.

Tap the red circle or blue circle on the screen to move to that location. (Some content is charged.)


JAL Maintenance Center

↑ This is a maintenance plant for aircraft maintenance plants.

If you move the iPhone or iPad that launched the app, the screen moves with the gyro function, and you can look around at 360 degrees.

Engine of JAL's passenger aircraft is coming soon!


↑ This is a replacement tire ^ ^

If you turn on "field sound" at the bottom of the screen, you can also hear the sound of the site and you can know the atmosphere of the site by sight and hearing.


ハ ッ チ You can see the hatch that can put the luggage in this way in the near future.

You can zoom in / out on the screen by pinching in and out!

You seem to be looking for visits to this maintenance center at any time. I want to go this ^ ^IMG_0803

JFE Steel East Japan Steel Works

Next is the founding role of "Fujie Moe", an ironworks.

Here you can see the 9 site of the factory. (Some content is charged)


↑ This is a place called "Steelmaking".

I stretch iron chunks little by little and make an iron plate. Seeing the steam and the like, it is a great sense of reality!

I've been there a long time ago, but it's so hot that my face is burning even if I'm so far away ^ ^

And when you tap the "continuous casting like" displayed in the center of the screen ...


↑ You can see the state of continuous casting in a video from a closer place.

This is hot!


↑ This is the work called "converter".

Transfer the pig iron made from the blast furnace to the converter and blow oxygen to remove impurities and produce stronger steel.

It is a translation that "Tsugugi of a hagane" is high ...

JFE Steel Iron Works seems to be inviting plant tours in the Chiba area (^ ^)


Matsutoku Glass

最後 Lastly, the studio of Matsunori Glass, a long-established glass manufacturer founded in Taisho 11.

You can see how to make glassware.


↑ A state of a craftsman who attaches high temperature glass from a melting furnace to an iron cylinder and expands it.

It looks pretty hot inside the factory (^ ^;)

Let's take a look by tapping "Creating Glass from Raw Materials".


↑ It is said that glass can be made by putting "silica sand", "limestone" and "soda ash" in the blast furnace and heating it for a long time at high temperature.

I did not know~~

Mr. Matsutoku Glass does not accept the factory tour, but seems to be able to buy it in the showroom and online shop.

Tumbler for beer looks pretty good ^ ^


This app can be viewed at 15 locations for free at 11 locations, but if you want to view panoramic videos of other 4 locations and points, you will be charged.

I could enjoy it for free, but I need to be careful because the app's capacity is quite large with XNUM X MB.


Recently I visited the factory tour that is popular, so I thought it would be valuable to be able to see it from the perspective of the field level, as it travels a dedicated tour route. There is also an app for iPad, so if you look at it on a large screen it will be more realistic.

You can learn more if you visit the factory after the app gets kicked. ^ ^

Tour of the whole factory
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Whole factory tour-TOKYO SHOSEKI CO., LTD.
↑ iPad version is here!

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